Terms & Conditions

Dear customers,

Thank you for trusting us while shopping on our webpage. Next few lines are meant to provide some information on how to proceed in case of dispute or complaint with our online shop.

Webpage www.xenoforming.eu, www.p-prime.eu and www.p-stock.eu is run as a registered business                                                                                                      .

Roman Porubský

Radvanská 14

974 05  Banská Bystrica

IČO: 48265900


Prices shown on www.xenoforming.eu , www.p-prime.eu and www.p-stock.eu are valid and price shown in the time of purchase is guaranteed. In the case of a price change between  the time of order and order completion a lower price will be charged. Discount prices are valid until the stated date or until the stock is sold out.


Purchase contract between buyer and seller is created in the moment of confirmation of an order. Order can also be placed via phone call (+421 907 249 809). Internet order can be placed with a registered account and also as a unregistered user.

Items that you click “Buy” or “Proceed to checkout” in product details or product list are added to the icon of a shopping cart in the menu. Shopping will be finished in the shopping cart by confirmation of the ordered products, their amount, method of payment and shipping details.

You must agree with terms and conditions of our business before order confirmation, which means that you are aware of them, understand them and agree with them.

Once your order is placed it will be confirmed with an E-mail.



Information provided during shopping is protected by law  No. 122/2013 Z.z. about personal data protection.

By registering or placing an order you agree that xenoforming.eu can process and store your personal information in accordance with law about protection of personal information and generally valid rules and norms.

These information will not be provided to a third party excluding our partners that we cooperate with to provide our services (bank, Slovak post office, courier service).



All goods are sent from a central European warehouse and therefor sending may take up to 7 days from the day of ordering.


Pre-order is a special service. In this case the product is not in the warehouse at the moment but creation of a pre-order provides us with information that you are interested in the product. It will help us ensure that the product will be available to you on the day of release.

Release dates provided are often times just orientational or inaccurate and are therefore subject of change.


Delivery time of the product after expedition from our warehouse may vary depending on the chosen delivery service.


Payment method is closely tied to a delivery option.

Paypal Cardpay (Credit card payment)

Paypal Cardpay is the most convenient payment method. If you chose this option you will be re-directed to a PayPal portal where you will be tasked to provide your credit card details (card number, expiration date and CVN number from the back side). If you have enough funds to cover the order then payment will process immediately.

Bank transfer

Your order can be payed for with bank transfer via internet banking service of your bank. A bit of a delay should be expected when this method is used because your order will be shipped after transfer us processed and money arrive on our account. Details and instructions for transfer will be provided by E-mail after order is placed.


Slovak postal service

Prices vary depending on the weight of the order and delivery location. Postage is divided into:

Postage within Slovak Republic

Postage within Czech Republic

Postage within Europe

Postage outside of Europe


Canceling of order

Order can be canceled via phone call (+421 907 249 809), or by sending a request to E-mail (pprimestore@gmail.com) containing information that will help us identify your order (order number). If payment was already processed  then your money will be refunded withn 30 days to a sender account.

We also reserve right to cancel your order if we are unable to deliver product due to shortage of supply.

Product return

You can return product within 14 days of receiving. Contract must be voided in a provable way (written document, e-mail).

Product that cannot be returned:

  • Mechanically damaged product
  • Ebook – electronic book
  • Non-complete product

Expenses to return a non-defect product are payed for by buyer.

Warranty claim

Always check your order when receiving it from the post or courier. If packaging has any visible damage (torn packaging, packaging taped with a tape marked by delivery service) then don’t accept the package and ask to write a complaint. Logistic service is responsible for any damage that may happen to package during transport.

Warranty period is 24 months for new product and 12 months for second-hand products. Warranty of second-hand product doesn’t include any defect that buyer was informed of before purchase. Warranty period starts with a date when the package was received.

Warranty service is provided by a manager of the internet shop. Your warranty claim will be received at address Radvanská 14, 974 05 Banská Bystrica, where you may send your bought product. Other way of return than package must be announced beforehand via phone call. All warranty claim packages must be marked with a word “REKLAMACIA”. Copy of a proof of purchase must be included in the package. An e-mail will be sent once we receive your package with warranty protocol in electronic form. Your claim will be solved in the shortest time possible but no longer than 30 days after receiving the package.

You can also claim your rights by alternative on-line problem solving that is provided by European commission and Slovak contact place for dispute solving (RSO). Our claims towards you may also be solved via mentioned European platforms.

Any such complaints and disputes can be posted via RSO webpage http://ec.europa.eu/consumers/odr/index_en.htm

Using this service saves time and money since Your claim will be solved within 90 days and without significant expenses.

In case of any questions or problems please contact us at pprimestore@gmail.com.


Second hand products are marked in the category name and product details.


These general business terms are valid for delivery selling via internet page xenoforming.eu from the date 10th of July 2017. We reserve rights to change these terms without notifications.

Activities of this internet shop are valid under the consumer protection law No. 634/1992 in the state of later changes and consumer protection law at house to house and delivery sale No. 108/2000 law collection in the state of alter changes. Consumer rights in relation to seller that are stated in these laws remain untouched by these terms.